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 Welcome to the Granton Trawler website. This site includes information on the trawlers, and the men who went to sea on them from both Granton & Leith. It will also acknowledge the part these trawlers and trawler men played in defending our nation, during the Two World Wars.              

The aim of this site is to keep the memory of this industry alive. It is hoped that this site will grow.  Any contributions of information or photographs which will help in recalling their history will be gratefully welcomed. In the early years some of these vessels were built as Tugs, Cargo vessels or Long Liners, most of these were and in some cases for a short period only converted to trawling, before reverting back to for their original purpose. Some fished from Granton & Leith but were never owned or registered there. In many cases not all shareholders in a vessel (total of 64 shares) are named but have been included where possible.

This site is a work in progress and will continually be updated.  There is still a large amount of information to uncover.     

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