This index is a work in progress and therefore is not complete. 

Some trawlers  were registered more than once in Granton/Leith. Some carry other registrations as they were never registered at Granton/Leith but were owned and crewed there. Some vessels started life as something different Cargo ships, Long Liners and Drifters. Information is still being sought on many of these vessels.

Vessels in bold & underlined have photograph attached


Gannet GN 15  

Gantock Rock GN 3

Gem LH

General FD 76

General Gordon H 844

General Gordon LH 1125

George Burton GW 33

George Coulston GW 38

George Paton GW 16

Gladstone LH 1053

Glamis Castle  GW 12

Glenbervie GW 14

Glenboyne  GW 10  

Glen Clova GW 13

Glenesk   GW 18  

Glenprosen  GW 20

Glen Strathallan GW 15

Glencarse GW 7

Glenisla GW 10

Glenogil  GW 8

Glenogil KY 495

Glentilt GN 45

Gloria GN 56

Gloxinia M 126

Gnat H 137

Good Design GW 29

Gowan  GW 9

Grace LH 1133

Grace Paton GW 12

Graffoe BN 53

Grand Fleet LH 216

Granton Falcon  GN 16

Granton   Harrier   GN 77

Granton Kestrel  GN 17

Granton   Merlin  GN 72

Granton NB  GN 78

Granton Osprey GN 19  

Grassholm SSS 9

Great Admiral GY 733  

Gregor Paton GW 9

Grimsby LH 308

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