This list contains the names of those who manned the Granton / Leith trawlers and is in no way complete. It must be remembered that all Skippers had sailed as Mate in order to attain their Skippers ticket and therefore if a Skipper appears as Mate please accept my apologies. I also apologise to the Poles & Ukrainians if I have misspelled their names. If you have any names you would like added please E mail me.  (By-names and nicknames in red)


Adams Robert;      

Alexander Frank;    

Anderson James;   

Andrews Harry;  

Angus Charles; 

Arthur Charles M.  



Bain Thomas; 

Baker Robert;  

Banks Alan;    

Banks Jackie (Cracker)

Banyard Andrew; 

Banyard John (NoNo); 

Barclay Gay James (Sea Beast);  

Batley J; 

Bell Arthur; 

Bell Charlie (Spy or BBC (Big Bag Charlie)) 

Bell Jackie; 

Bell Oliver; 

Bell Thomas;

Bracewell J. W; 

Bray Frederick Francis; 

Bremner Alexander;  

Brown Bobby (Cockers); 

Brown Robert;  

Brunton William (Co Co).



Carnie Liston;

Carmichael M;

Cameron Donald (Urry Men);

Clements Robert;

Combe Joe; 

Coultard ?;

Combe Thomas;

Cook E;

Cornelius Albert (Help ma Bob) 

Coutts P.

Combe J;

Crombie James;



Davidson George;

Davidson Robert (Where Away);

Dinwoodie John;

Donaldson John;

Drybrough Alex;

Dumbreck James;

Dunoon James (Nae problem); 



Emmerson Charlie.



Ferguson John;

Flockhart John;

Flucker Thomas (Tammie Tattie); 

Forbes William;

Forbes Adam; 

Forbister J. A.;

Foreman William



Gilbertson John;

Glasgow Alex (Chickens);  

Glasgow James Anderson;

Gowans Robert (Quietly);

Gourlay William;

Grandison James Walker;

Gravells Joseph;

Gray W;



Hackland John;

Hall J M;

Hall Walter;

Hall William;

Hayward Edward;

Herkes William;

Hern Alexander;

Horne Robert;

Horsburgh A;

Hughes William;

Hughson   Robert;






Jamieson Joey;

Jamieson J;

Jardine Thomas;

Jarvie William B;

Johnston John;

Johnstone O;

Jorgenson T;



Kelly J W;



Lee Frederick;

Lees Thomas;

Lewis William;

Liddle Walter;

Lindsay Thomas William

Linton Alexander;

Linton James;

Linton Robert (20976);  

Liston David;

Liston George;

Liston Philip (Pee-wul);

Liston William (Keep-er-gaun);

Liston Watson;

Logan David (Strength);

Lyle Norman (Topper);

Lyle John (Cum-Oan);

Lyle James;



Mackay Donald;

Main Geordie (Wee);

Main Jackie;

Main Thomas;  

Marr P;

McPherson Ian (Nay way);          

Mason Jimmy (Measures);

McCombie Lewis;

McIntyre James;

McInnes Hugh;

McLeod John;

Meikle George;

Mitchell G;

Milligan James;

Muir David;

Mulligan William (Natures);



Nightingale H;

Norris Alfred; 



Oldan William;



Palmer Alex;

Paterson Willie John;

Peters George;

Potter J Snr;

Potter J Jnr;

Powderell Frederick;



Ramsay J;

Ramsey W;

Ratcliffe George;

Ross Angus;

Robb Jock;

Robb John;

Rogers E;

Rosie James;

Ross Angus;

Rutherford Jock (Moulder); 

Rutherford John (Dunbar Jock);

Rutherford James (Binkie);



Sanderson K;

Sanderson W. B;

Seton Peter;

Scales Arthur;

Scott William (Captain);

Scott Charles;

Seaton Carnie (Bunner);

Seaton Jimmy (Boatie);

Seaton Myles (Yum Yum);

Seaton Peter;

Sheldrick George;

Sinclair Hector;

Small ?;

Steele Frankie (Roughers);

Steel John;

Stevens P;

Stevenson John;  

Stevenson Philip (Silent One);

Stewart William (Bill);

Stromberg Olaf;

Sullivan John;

Sutherland John;

Sutherland Neil;

Summers Ralph;



Tait George;

Tarvit James;

Thompson James Dunnet (DSC);

Thompson R;

Tough Neil;  



Wanless Andrew (Aye there);

Wanless Peter (There);

Webb G;

White Lewis; 

Wilson David;  

Wilson John (DSC) (Brave laddie);

Wilson John (Biggy);

Wilson William (Wee Wee);

Winpenny C;

Wonnacot Roland;

Wood Alex (Sandy bluff); 

Wood Alec Snr (Old Janders);

Wood Alec Jnr (Young Janders);

Wood J;  


Young Dan;

Young David;

Young Tom (Fearless);

 Young Magnus;

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