In Lerwick

Reproduced with acknowledegment to the Shetland Museum & Archives


Admiral Rodney  A 199

Built 1958   T.  Mitchison  Ltd,  Gateshead as  "Star of  Aberdeen" (Steel)
Yard No 85
Owner at New Walker Steam Trawler Co Ltd, Aberdeen
ID no 300356
Launch Date 1958
Completed 1958
Gross Tons 249
Nett Ton 82
Engine 760 hp   6-cyl 4SA by Mirrlees Bickerton & Day Ltd,  Stockport
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 25.3ft
Depth 12.6ft
1958 Registered at Aberdeen A.199
1963 Renamed "ADMIRAL RODNEY"  ( A. R. Elder manager )
1963 Owned by William Liston Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (William Liston manager)
23.01.1966 Grounded on rocks at Port Arthur, Scalloway, Shetland. Refloated under her on steam one week later and returned to Granton for inspection.
06.1969 Collided with the Grimsby trawler "Northern Isles" GY 149 off the Aberdeenshire coast.
12.06.1970 After a five day inquiry into the collision the Grimsby trawler "Northern Isles" GY 146, the mate William Young had his certificate suspended for a year, for negligence in not keeping a proper lookout.


Owned by  Boyd Line Ltd, Hull (William Liston Ltd, Granton Edinburgh managers 




Trawling from Granton ends. Some ships transfer to Aberdeen
1979 Scrapped.
  As "Star of Aberdeen"
    Reproduced with acknowledegment to Jonleif Joensen Faeroe Islands