Admiral Startin LH 304

Built 1919  Lea Shipbuilding & Repairing Co, London as  "Whitecloud"    (Steel)
Yard No 860
Owner at New Admiralty
ID no 145559
Launch Date 1920
Completed 25.08.1920 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 96
Nett Tons 41
Engine 42 hp T.3-cyl by David R. B. Scott, Tayport, Fife
Length 86.2ft
Breadth 18.6ft
Depth 9.3ft
09.12.1920 Handed over to Fishery Board of Scotland for disposal to the Mercantile.
1920 Owned by A. Lewis Mc Combie, Granton, Edinburgh.
1920 Registered at Leith LH 304
1922 Renamed "ADMIRAL STARTIN"
13.01.1926 Owned by Samuel Chapman Snr, Samuel Chapman Jnr, Fred Chapman & Benjamin Chapmin, Grimsby (Samuel Chapman Jnr, owner/manager)
01.1926 Leith registry closed.
13.01.1926 Registered at Grimsby GY 376
31.03.1926 Four Bills of Sale: Owned by John Pirie, James Pirie, William Pirie & George Paul, Portknockie Banffshire. 
30.04.1926 Grimsby registry closed.
05.05.1926 Renamed "FISHER LAD" 
05.05.1926 Registered at Banff BF 204
20.12.1939 Requisitioned for Harbour Defence Duties (P. No. FY. 282) (Hire rate 32.0.0d/month).
1944 Owned by Supreme Fish Curing Co Ltd, Fleetwood (Basil  Arthur Parkes, manager).
10.11.1945 Returned to Owners
1947 Owned by Hjalmar Naess, Haugesund Norway.
1947 Banff registry closed.
1947 Renamed "STEFFEN NAESS".
1947 Registered at Haugesund R-45-H.
By 1949 50 bhp oil engines by Wichmann Mtrf, Rubbestadneset, Norway fitted.
21.04.1961 Capsized and sank off Kristiansand Norway when cargo shifted enroute Moss - Stavanger with barley. Captain HjalmarNaess and his two son's lost.
1961 Haugesund registry closed.