As M 190

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Agnes Nutten LT 974


1915      Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  (Steel)

Yard No 563
Owner at New John Edwin Nutten & Wallace William Nutten, Aberdeen (John Edwin Nutten manager)
ID no 137162
Launch Date 1915
Completed 02.1915
Gross Tons 184
Nett Tons 79
Engine 67 hp   T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 110.3ft
Breadth 21.8ft
Depth 11.7ft


26.02.1915 Registered at Aberdeen A.215
06.1915 Requisitioned and converted to Boom Defence Vessel based at Scapa Flow Orkney.
18.09.1918 Owned by William H. Robbens & Sons Ltd, Lowestoft (William H. Robbens manager).
1920 Returned to Owners.
26.04.1920 Aberdeen registry closed.
29.04.1920 Registered at Lowestoft LT 974.
1925 Owned by George Flockhart, Newhaven Edinburgh (Alexander Flockhart manager).
28.11.1927 Owned by John Walker, Aberdeen & William Watson Carstairs, Cellardyke Fifeshire (John Walker, Aberdeen manager).
24.11.1927 Lowestoft registry closed.
28.11.1927 Registered at Aberdeen A.295.
16.06.1940 Requisitioned and converted to an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel P.No.4.474). 
01.1946 Returned to Owners.
06.04.1949 Owned by Merchants (Milford Haven) Ltd, Milford Haven (Daniel Bruton & Cecil Lewis managers).
04.10.1951 Aberdeen registry closed.
08.10.1951 Registered at Milford Haven M 190. 
20.04.1953 Owned by Peter Hancock & Sons Ltd, Milford Haven (Reginald Llewellin Hancock manager).
23.10.959 Employed in the search for a missing Victor bomber in the Irish Sea
 05.08.1955 Anchored off the lock pits and dressed overall, she represented Milford’s fishing fleet on the visit to Milford Haven of the Queen aboard “Britannia”.
1960 Sold as scrap.
04.1960 Scrapped by R.S. Hayes at Pembroke Dock, Wales.
14.04.1960 Milford registry closed