At Fleetwood

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Goodinson North Shields

Akranes FD 33

Built Edwards Bros, North Shields
Yard No 608
Owner at New  Fiskeri-aktieselskabet Isafold (Isafold Fishing Co Ltd) Reykjavik, Iceland
ID no 114418
Launch Date 24.02.1899
Completed 04.1899
Gross Tons 184
Nett Tons 64
Engine 52 hp T.3-cyl by G. T. Grey & Co Ltd, South Shields
Length 114.6
Breadth 21.1
Depth 10.8
04.1899 Registered at Reykjavik RE 1.
12.1901 Owneds by Joseph Brown, Newcastle upon Tyne.
12.1901 Reykjavik registry closed.
27.12.1901 Registered at Newcastle NE 9.
1901 Owned by James Herbert Marr, Hull (owner/manager) (£4000) fishing from Fleetwood.
29.05.1902 Owned by J. Marr & Son Ltd, Fleetwood (James H. Marr manager).
05.07.1902 Mortgaged by J. Marr & Sons Ltd, Fleetwood (A).
05.07.1902 Mortgagee : Williams Deaconís Bank Ltd, London.
02.1905 Newcastle registry closed.
28.02.1905 Registered at Fleetwood FD 33.
05.05.1906 Mortgage (A) discharged.
11.03.1912 Skipper John Henry Bentley fined £20 at Bodmin Petty Sessions for fishing within the 3 mile limit off North Cornwall coast.
06.1915 Requisitioned and converted to Boom Defence Vessel.

Owned by  Margaret Fawns, Granton Edinburgh.

14.11.1916 John Thomson, Leith Edinburgh appointed manager.
22.11.1916 Mortgaged by  Margaret Fawns, Granton Edinburgh (B).
22.11.1916 Mortgagee: Archibald Glen Brown, Granton Edinburgh (B).
22.03.1917 Mortgage (B) discharged.
23.03.1917 Mortgagee:  George Milne, Glasgow (C).
02.10.1917 Mortgage (C) discharged.
02.10.1917 Owned by Archibald Glen Brown, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
10.1918 Owned by Ernest Davy Baxter, Grimsby (owner/manager).
17.10.1918 Mortgaged by Ernest Davy Baxter, Grimsby (D).
17.10.1918 Mortgagee: London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account  & interest).
21.10.1918 Fleetwood registry closed.
24.10.1918 Registered at Grimsby GY 1219.
1919 Returned to Owners.
15.02.1923 Bill of Sale under Mortgage (D): Owned by Ernest James Baskcomb, Grimsby (owner/manager).
16.02.1923 Two Bills of Sale 21 shares each: Charles Richard Baskcomb & Stafford Sydney Northcote, Grimsby.
02.09.1927 Ernest James Baskcomb deceased, (Edith Eleanor Baskcomb, executrix 27.01.1928)
01.05.1928 Two Bills of Sale 11 shares each: Charles Richard Baskcomb & Stafford Sydney Northcote, Grimsby.
03.5.1928 Two Bills of Sale: Owned by Baskcomb & Northcote Ltd,Grimsby (Charles Richard Baskcomb manager).
08.1929 Owned by Nicolaas Maarleveld, Ijmuiden Holland.
08. 1929 Owned by N.V. Stoomviss Maats Anna Josina, Ijmuiden Holland.
29.08.1929 Grimsby registry closed.
08.1929 Renamed "ANNA JOSINA".
08.1929 Registered Ijmuiden IJM 169.
05.1936 Scrapped in Holland.
31.05.1936 Ijmuiden registry closed.