At Milford Haven

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stevenson Collection & Milford Trawler website


Albatross GN 13

Built 1884   S. Lake & Co Ltd, (Castle Steel & Iron Works) Castle Pill  Milford Haven (Iron)
Yard No  
Owner at New Francis Mowatt, London & Samuel Seko, Milford Haven  ( Samuel Seko manager )
ID no 82978
Launch Date 01.12.1883
Completed 05.1884
Gross Tons 105
Nett Tons 45
Engine 25 hp  C.2-cyl by J. Watt & Co, Birmingham
Length 88.6ft
Breadth 20.1ft
Depth 10.6ft
28.05.1884 Registered at Milford Haven M 2.
04.1887 Owned by James Muirhead,  Edinburgh  (owner/manager). 
04.1887 Milford registry closed.
18.04.1887 Registered at Granton GN 13.
06.06.1890 Ran ashore in dense fog NE end of Inchkeith refloated on rising tide.
01.09.1890 Skipper William Lewis fined £5 or 30 days imprisonment for fishing illegally inside 3 mile limit at St Andrew Bay on 10th June 1890.
10.10.1890 Towed disabled (Broken crankshaft) by the S.T. "Malta" GN 22  to Granton from the Bell Rock.
11.08.1892 Struck Craig Rock near North Berwick, engines put full astern and she came off but was leaking, returned to Granton and was beached for inspection. Forefoot had been carried away and several plates were damaged.
29.03.1893 Ran aground on Inchkeith during thick fog while returning from the fishing grounds. Refloated at high tide.
30.05.1893 Towed into Granton from 30 miles east of May Island Firth of Forth with disabled machinery by S.T. "Pioneer" of North Shields.
13.01.1894 Towed into Granton from 30 miles east of May Island Firth of Forth with a broken crankshaft by S.T. "St Bernard" GN 44, placed on the patent slip for repair prior to a new Boiler being fitted.
13.03.1894 Sailed Grangemouth Dockyard for trials on new boiler and engine built by Hutson & Son, Glasgow.
17.07.1896 Cook fell down hold while going to the Fo'c'sle cabin. He was placed onboard the fish carrying S.T. "Malta" GN 22 and landed at Granton from where he was transferred to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
01.01.1898 Owned by Muirheads Trawlers Ltd,  Edinburgh (James Muirhead manager).
16.12.1898 Rescued the crew off the steam liner "East Neuk" KY 546 after she stranded on the North Carr rock, the abandoned vessel was ater taken in tow by a fishing yawl to Arbroath.
13.06.1900 Skipper John Smith fined £25 or 30 days imprisonment at Cupar Sheriff court for fishing within the 3 mile limit on the Fifeshire coast.
15.08.1900 Skipper William Lewis at Cupar Sheriff court fined £25 or 14 days imprisonment for fishing 5 miles inside the legal limit at Inchkeith Firth of Forth on 1st  July (vessel reported to the authorities by skipper Gillies of the Largo based yacht “Semi Quaver”).
26.04.1904 Skipper John Donaldson at Cupar Sheriff court fined £80 or 40 days  imprisonment (for each offence and confiscated all fishing gear) for fishing inside the legal limit in St. Andrews Bay on 18th  June 1904 and in Carnoustie Bay on the 11th June 1904.
Pre1904 William G. Muirhead appointed manager.
1904 Muirheads Trawlers goes into Liquidation.
1904 Mortgaged to the North of Scotland Bank, Aberdeen.
Pre1906 Owned by Daniel Green, Glasgow (owner manager).
Pre1907 Owned by Colin R. Sellar, Peterhead (owner/manager).
1907 Granton registry closed.
1907 Registered at Peterhead PD 159.

Owned by Lighthouse Fishing Co Ltd, Great Yarmouth (Colin R. Sellar Peterhead, manager).

1916 Peterhead registry closed.
1916 Registered at Great Yarmouth YH 125.
1917 Owned by Edmund A. Baker, Great Yarmouth
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as a Fishery Reserve Vessel.
10.10.1918 Owned by Robert John Balls Jnr, Tynemouth Northumberland (formerly Great Yarmouth) (owner/manager)
10.10.1918 Great Yarmouth registry closed.
10.10.1918 Registered at North Shields SN 375.
1919 Returned to Owners.
20.04.1919 Owned by William Rayner & Robert Boyle, North Shields (Robert Boyle manager).
19.06.1920 Lost in unknown circumstances.
20.06.1920 North Shields registry closed.  
  First trawler registered at Granton with a fishing No