Albatross SH 37

Built 1882     W. Walker & Co, Deptford London  (Iron)
Yard No  
Owner at New Robert Middleton, Leeds (owner/manager)
ID no 82958
Launch Date 11.1882
Completed 1883


Gross Tons 123
Nett Tons 84
Engine 50 hp C.2-cyl by W. J. Lockhead & Co, Glasgow
Length 101ft
Breadth 19ft
Depth 10.3ft
1883 Registered at Scarborough SH 37
06.11.1884 Robert Middleton & Edward Middleton, Leeds (Robert Middleton, manager)
1891 Owned by James Muirhead, Edinburgh (owner/manager).
 26.04.1892 Owned by George Rookin Nicholson, Liverpool.
15.05.1892 Owned by W. Knox & Sons, Douglas Isle of Man.
 16.05.1892 Scarborough registry closed.
 16.05.1892 Registered at Liverpool LL 184.
1893 Owned by Robert Knox, Douglas Isle of Man (owner/manager)
 1893 Liverpool registry closed
 02.10.1893 Registered at Douglas DO 246.
11.1894 Sunk following a collision amidships with S.S. “Duke of Clarence” (1489g/1891) off the Bahama Lightship Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man. Five men from a crew of eight were lost. The three survivors were picked up by the "Duke of Clarence". Survivors were Skipper Skimminer, Engineer R. Kelly and Thomas Lawrence.
17.11.1894 Douglas registry closed.
Those lost:-

John Leadbetter, Charles Shimmin, William Dougherty, Henry Hudson, and Richard Craig.