Annfield N.B. GN 50

(NB = North Britain )

Built 1919   Montrose Shipbuilding Co Ltd,  Montrose as "Daniel Dizmont" (Steel)
Yard No 81
Owner at New Admiralty (Ad No 3734)
ID no 139807
Launch Date 20.11.1918
Completed 19.08.1919 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 202
Nett Tons 82
Engine 75 hp   T.3-cyl by  W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 115.1ft
Breadth 22.1ft


1919 Sold to the Mercantile
04.1919 Owned by Richard Wardell Crawford, Scarborough(owner/manager).
26.04.1919 Renamed "PATRICIA SCULLION".
26.04.1919 Registered at Aberdeen  A.151
10.11.1919 Owned by Dobroyd Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Scarborough (Richard Wardell Crawford manager).
22.04.1920 Owned by David Dow,  William Carnie, William Inglis (skipper) & Robert Clement, Newhaven Edinburgh (Thomas Young Carnie manager).
22.04.1920 Aberdeen registry closed.
23.04.1920 Renamed "ANNFIELD N. B."
23.04.1920 Registered at Granton GN 39
13.02.1922 Owned by Walter Lyle, Newhaven Edinburgh.

Peter Stevenson (23) Trimmer Newhaven washed overboard off the East Lothian coast.

1923 Thomas T. Dow appointed manager
12.1924 Owned by Soc Nouvelle des Pecheries A Vap,  Arcachon  France.
12.12.1924 Granton Registry closed.
1924 Renamed "ROCHE ROUGE"
1924 Registered at Arcachon.
1935 Owned by Farine, Arcachon France.
1938 Owned by Soc des Pecheries de L'Ocean, Arcachon France.
1938 Renamed "IBIS"
1940 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (French AD 146 IBIS)
1946 Returned to Owners
1954 Sold as scrap.
  Owned by Walter Lyle, Newhaven Edinburgh (skipper/owner).