Reproduced with acknowledgement Steve  Pulfrey & Mark Stopper


Arctic Riever  GN 23     

Built 1975     Cleland's  Shipbuilders,  Wallsend   (Steel)
Yard No 331
Owner at New Boyd Line Ltd, Hull (William Liston Ltd, Granton Edinburgh managers)
ID no 362358
Launch Date 14.04.1975
Completed 07.1975
Gross Tons 402
Nett Tons 151
Engine 1700 hp  Diesel  by Lister  Blackstone Marine Ltd, Dursley
Length 137ft
Breadth 31ft
Depth 0ft
05.1975 Registered at Granton GN 23.
1978 Trawling from Granton ends. Some ships transfer to Aberdeen / Hull.
04.1979 Carried out trials for Sea Fish  Industry Authority  fishing with "Norina" FD 324 for mackerel.
1986 Granton registry closed.
1986 Registered  LO 341
1986 Owned by Russell Smith & Partners,  Lerwick  Shetland
1986 London registry closed.
1986 Renamed "VEGA cs"  
1986 Registered at Lerwick  LK  330
08.1986 Grossed 86,144 for a five day trip to Rockall catching squid.
07.1987 Contracted to Sea Fish  Industry Authority for a trial trip jigging for squid at Rockall.
1998 Decommissioned & scrapped  by  Danish Fornaes at Grena  Denmark


   "Vega cs" The c + s being the initials of the owners,  Cooper & Smith.