Athole   GN 35         

Built 1891    Scott Shipbuilders,  Bowling  near Glasgow (Steel)
Yard No 86
Owner at New General Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Edinburgh (John Scott manager)
ID no 97555
Launch Date 03.08.1891
Completed 08.1891
Gross Tons 117
Nett Tons 30
Engine 35 hp  C.2-cyl by W. Kemp Ltd, Glasgow
Length 91ft
Breadth 18.1ft
Depth 9.8ft


08.1891 Registered at Granton GN 35


Ran ashore on Platcock Rocks North Berwick while returning from the fishing grounds. Skipper Peter Seaton and crew of six came ashore in the small boat.
07.05.1895 Towed off and beached at the west side of the harbour for repairs.


Ran ashore on the East breakwater during thick fog, refloated and beached for inspection


John Scott resigns as manager


James Caw appointed manager


Skipper David Muir fined 30 for illegal fishing within the three mile limit off Carnoustie.


Struck Bass Rock, Firth of Forth and sustained damage to stem. Returned to Granton .
22.01.1908 Towed S.T. "Achilles" GN 38 to Granton  from six miles SE of May Island.
11.10.1910 Skipper Frederick Lee at Cupar Sheriff Court fined 30 or 30 days imprisonment for fishing inside the legal limit in St. Andrews Bay on 16th Sept .


Sank by mine 8 miles E x S of  Tod Head. Skipper W. Scott & crew rescued by Grimsby trawler  "Rupert" GY 463 and landed at Aberdeen. Two men taken to hospital.
It has been reported that she was fishing in a prohibited area and that the mine was British.