Atlanta  GN 65

Built 1899       Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Steel)
Yard No 170
Owner at New Newhaven Trawling Co Ltd,  Newhaven Edinburgh  (Edward Walker manager)
ID no 110206
Launch Date 07.09.1899
Completed 10.1899
Gross Tons 182
Nett Tons 50
Engine 41 hp  T.3-cyl by  Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 105.2ft
Breadth 20.6ft
Depth 10.9ft


02.11.1899 Registered at Granton GN65
16.10.1899 Two landing in her first week fishing grossing 140.
30.01.1901 Grounded on North Carr Rocks Firth of Forth and caused damage to propeller. Refloated later and beached at Granton for repairs.
25.11.1901 Collided with S. T. "Wallace" GN 12 at entrance to Granton Harbour. Both vessels considerably damaged.
29.11.1904 Struck in the stern by Aberdeen steamer "Redhall" (841g/1902) 25 miles to the East of the May Island. Some damage to stern (almost to waterline) returned to Granton.
15.03.1905 Towed schooner "Pursuit" bound for London, from Fidra Firth of Forth to Granton through severe storm. Tow line parted three times owing to the adverse weather.
08.10.1910 Rescued crew of  steam drifter "Gentiana" BCK 30, nine crew & skippers son taken off foundering vessel 34 miles E x N from the May Island Firth of Forth. All landed at Granton.
1912 Owned by N.V. Scheepsexpliotatie Maats "De Marezaton" Ijmuiden Holland    (J. Polderman & F. C. Breitstein managers).
1913 Granton registry closed
1913 Renamed  "ALBATROS" 
1913 Registered at Ijmuiden
09.1915 New boiler fitted.
1934 Scrapped