Aurora  GN 61

Built 1899         Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Steel)
Yard No 164
Owner at New Newhaven Trawling Co Ltd,  Newhaven Edinburgh  (Edward Walker manager)
ID no 110202
Launch Date 01.03.1899
Completed 04.1899
Gross Tons 164
Nett Tons 58
Engine 41 hp   T.3-cyl by  Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 105.2ft
Breadth 20.6ft
Depth 10.9ft


05.04.1899 Registered at Granton GN 61
17.08.1900 When fishing approx 35 miles SE from May Island was run into by S.S. "Sea Fisher" (274g/1883) of Barrow, bound for Middlesbrough. Damage below the water line was sustained and only by transferring goods to one side and creating a list, did the crew mange to return safely to Leith.
1912 Owned by N V Zeevis Maats " Henriette " Ijmuiden Holland  (J. Van der Mude manager)
1912 Granton registry closed
1912 Renamed "HENRIETTE"
1912 Registered at Ijmuiden.
Pre 1930 Renamed "DOROTHEA"
1936 Scrapped