Bellevue  GN 90         

Built 1897    Mackie & Thomson  Govan  as "Escort"  (Steel)
Yard No 154
Owner at New Great Northern Steamship Fishing Co Ltd, Hull  (William R. Nowell manager)
ID no 106759
Launch Date 20.05.1897
Completed 1897
Gross Tons 156
Nett Tons 60
Engine 45 hp    T.3-cyl by  Muir & Houston Ltd, Glasgow
Length 104.2ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 10.7ft
19.07.1897 Registered at Hull H 365.
06.12.1903 In collision with S.T. "Campania" GY 598 in thick fog approx one & a half miles from the Spurn Light Ship.
1914 Owned by S. Pearson, London (John H. Macdonald manager).
09.1915 Purchased into the Royal Navy and converted to a Boom Defence Vessel.
21.11.1916 Hull registry closed.
1920 Sold to the Mercantile.
1920 Owned by Great Northern Steamship Fishing Co Ltd, Hull.
1921 Registered at Hull  H 33.
19.04.1922 Owned by William Flockhart Jnr, Leith Edinburgh (Alexander Flockhart manager).  
07.1922 Hull registry closed.
27.07.1922 Renamed "BELLEVUE".
27.07.1922 Registered at Granton GN 90.
1928 Owned by John Horne, Port Seton  East Lothian (Thomas Harrison Scales, Leith Edinburgh manager).
19.06.1936 Ran aground on the south side of Inchkeith Firth of Forth, refloated at high water and proceeded to Granton.
21.02.1942 Presumed mined and sunk 5 miles NW  Turnberry Lighthouse, all eight hands lost (Fishing West Coast as North Sea fishing restricted due to war).
Those lost: -


Robert Shiels (Skipper)  46 Edinburgh

Thomas Blackie (Deckhand) 61  Port Seton, East Lothian
Walter Dickson  (Fireman) 37 St. Monans, Fife
James Logan Linton  (2nd Fisherman) 23  Newhaven, Edinburgh
Walter Dickson Fairbairn  32  North Leith, Edinburgh
Thomas Rutherford Hume (Mate) 62  North Leith, Edinburgh

Alexander Harkess  (2nd engineer) 51  Prestonpans East Lothian

David Thomson (Chief Enginner) 54     Prestonpans East Lothian