Bentley GN 22

Built 1895   Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 287
Owner at New John Wilson, North Shields (John T. T. Wilson, Aberdeen  manager)
ID no 99471
Launch Date 13.02.1895
Completed 1895
Gross Tons 152
Nett Tons 43
Engine 64 hp  C.2-cyl  by  Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 100.6ft
Breadth 20.7ft
Depth 12.1ft
1895 Registered at South Shields SSS 18
17.04.1903 Owned by Archibald McKenzie & William Bellard, Aberdeen.
13.05.1903 Owned by Archibald McKenzie, Aberdeen.
16.11.1903 Owned by Town & County Bank Ltd, Aberdeen (Daniel Sherrit manager)
 07.01.1904 Owned by James Alexander McGlashan, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager)
07.1913 Owned by A/S Havfiskeselskapet Hans Madsen & Co, Bergen Norway (Hans Madsen manager)
02.07.1913 South Shields registry closed.
07.1913 Renamed "KRISTINA"
07.1913 Registered at Bergen
1915 Owned by A/S Kristina, Stavanger Norway (Nils Roalso manager)
1917 Owned by Nordsjolekterkompaniet A/S , Stavanger Norway (G. Guttormsen & Jens Hanssen managers)
1917 Bergen registry closed.
1917 Registered at Stavanger R-115-S
1918 Rebuilt at  Storemollens Patentslipper & Mek.,Verksted, Bergen
1925 Owned by A /S, D/S Delphine, Stavanger Norway (B. Romsoe manager)
1927 Renamed "STABIL" Lengthened 20.8ft  (188g tons)
1940/44 A/S Narviks Dampskibsselskab, Narvik, renamed "NARVIK". Converted to cargo vessel at Svolvær, also registered for some passengers, 241g.. Placed in regularly scheduled cargo/passenger service Narvik-Trondheim 1941. Shelled and sunk on March 22-1944 by the British submarine "SYRTIS" (Jupp), position 66 45N 13 11E - near Sleipnesodden, Rodoy, Helgeland, on a voyage Trondheim-Narvik with cargo and passengers. She received several direct hits in the after ship and sank quickly. According to the "Sjømennenes Minnehall" website, she had 16 crew and 9 passengers, among them 1 German. 18 of those on board had managed to get in a lifeboat when another shell hit the side of the ship and 15 were killed by the resulting shrapnel, while 3 ended up in the water, but were later picked up by rescuers from nearby Sleipnesodden. The port lifeboat with 5 people was taken to Svinvær (it had several bullet holes in it). 7 crew and 2 passengers were rescued.