Blackstone  GW 11

Built 1915     A. Jeffrey & Co  Ltd, Alloa (Steel)
Yard No 12
Owner at New Archibald R & Robert Robertson, Glasgow (J. M. Paton manager)
ID no 137789
Launch Date 18.12.1914
Completed 03.1915
Gross Tons 148
Nett Tons 67
Engine 32 hp 4-cyl 2SCSA by W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 82.3ft
Breadth 19ft
Depth 8.9ft
19.03.1915 Registered at Glasgow.
Undated Registered at Glasgow GW 11 (Herring Carrier)
10.1915 Purchased by Royal Navy converted to Fuel/Water/Oil Carrier (Ad No X.01 & X. 09.)
1916 Glasgow registry closed.
1916 Registered at London.
04.1921 Sold to the Mercantile
04.1921 Owned by M S Hilton, London.
1924 Registry closed.