Bruce  GN 10

Built 1883     Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Iron)
Yard No 9
Owner at New General Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Edinburgh  (John Scott manager) (Build cost 4000)
ID no 84910
Launch Date 01.09.1883
Completed 09.1883
Gross Tons 103
Nett Tons 43
Engine 32 hp  C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 92ft
Breadth 18ft
Depth 9.5ft


Registered at Granton GN 10


Collided with S.T. "Wallace" GN 12 near to Bass Rock receiving damage to the starboard side. Skipper returned to Granton for repairs.


Reported being struck by an unknown steamer causing damage above the waterline


John Scott resigns as manager


James Caw appointed manager


Skipper Donald Mackay fined 30 for illegal fishing within the three mile limit off Carnoustie
23.08.1903 Rescued crew of S.T. "Choice" GN 42 . Vessel sank after springing a leak approx 34 miles ESE of May Island  Firth of Forth. Skipper Marr and crew took to the small boat and awaited rescue.
10.09.1907 Struck by S.T. "Cruiser" GN 54  close to May Island . Both vessels return to Granton.
1916 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
1919 Returned to Owners
28.02.1919 Thomas L. Devlin deceased, (Robert D. Devlin & Thomas L. Devlin Jnr managers) (Company Trustees -Grace Darney Devlin ( his wife); John Inglis, Peebles.  Alex Stewart ( R. C. Priest) St Mary's Cathedral House Edinburgh)).
06.12.1919 Owned by George Walker, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
29.09.1920 Granton Registry closed.
05.10.1920 Owned by John Gove, Aberdeen & John Goslan, Glasgow (John Gove manager).
05.10.1920 Registered at Aberdeen A.257.
08.03.1922 Aberdeen registry closed (No longer fishing).
10.04.1922 Registered at Aberdeen A.257.
10.04.1922 Owned by John Goslan, Glasgow (James Mearns Davidson, Glasgow manager).
15.05.1923 Owned by Gordon Norrie Davidson & James Mearns Davidson, Glasgow (James Mearns Davidson, Glasgow manager).
02.1928 Sold as scrap to UK ship breaker.
07.02.1928 Aberdeen registry closed.