As "Cape Trafalgar" H 918

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Cairnburn A 419   

Built 1917     Cochrane & Sons Ltd Selby as "Edward Williams"  (Steel)
Yard No 807
Owner at New Admiralty  (Ad No 3547)
ID no 143924
Launch Date 08.05.1917
Completed 09.1917
Gross Tons 288
Nett Tons 133
Engine 87 hp    T.3-cyl  by  Crossley Bros Ltd, Manchester
Length 138.5ft
Breadth 22.7ft
Depth 12.3ft




21.08.1920 Registered at London LO 259.
10.12.1922 Sold to the Mercantile
10.12.1922 Owned by Hudson Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (Hudson Brothers managers)
1923 Owned by  West Riding Steam Trawler Co Ltd, Hull (Thomas Hudson manager).
11.12.1923 London registry closed.
10.12.1923 Renamed  "CAPE TRAFALGAR".
10.12.1923 Registered at Hull H 918.
1929 Owned by Hudson Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull  (Charles Hudson manager )
1932 Archibald Hudson appointed manager.
05.1940 Purchased into Royal Navy and converted Auxiliary Patrol Vessel (P.No.4.190) based on the Clyde
05.1940 Hull registry closed.
01.1941 Converted to Boom Defence Vessel.
06.01.1947 Sold to the Mercantile.
1947 Owned by Cairnburn (Fishing) Ltd, Aberdeen (Joseph Craig manager).
1947 Renamed "CAIRNBURN" ( Fishing from Granton )
1947 Registered at Aberdeen A.419
1954 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co).
1954 Scrapped by G & W. Brunton at Grangemouth.