Caller Ou   GN 25

Built 1883    David Allen & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh  (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New Bentley  McLeod, James Brown & Others, Edinburgh   (Cost 3100)
ID no 89024
Launch Date 18.10.1883
Completed 11.1883
Gross Tons 80
Nett Tons 65
Engine 30 hp C.2-cyl  by  Walker Henderson & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 92ft
Breadth 18ft
Depth 9.5ft


11.1883 Registered at Granton GN 25.
15.12.1883 Ran trial trip in Firth of Forth.
20.01.1884 Landed 184 boxes for the week.
11.10.1884 Advertised for sale in the Scotsman newspaper.
1885 Owned by Ignacio Mercader & Sons,  San Sebastian  Spain.
20.01.1885 Sailed Granton for San Sebastian.