Captain GN 50                  

Built 1898    Hall  Russell  & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 308
Owner at New Thomas L. Devlin, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager) 
ID no 108581
Launch Date 27.12.1897
Completed 01.1898
Gross Tons 134
Nett Tons 49
Engine 50 hp  C.2-cyl by Hall  Russell  & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 100.5ft
Breadth 20.1ft
Depth 10.7ft


28.01.1898 Registered at Granton GN 50
05.01.1907 Towed  lighter "Emily Smeed" to Granton from off St Abbs Head.
30.11.1910 Ran ashore on Scougall Rocks  East of North Berwick, Firth of Forth;  Homeward bound refloated on next tide.
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
1919 Returned to Owners
28.02.1919 Thomas L. Devlin deceased, (Robert D. Devlin & Thomas L. Devlin Jnr managers) (Company Trustees -Grace Darney Devlin ( his wife); John Inglis, Peebles.  Alex Stewart ( R. C. Priest) St Mary's Cathedral House Edinburgh)).
17.06.1919 Mortgaged by Thomas L. Devlin, Granton Edinburgh (A)
17.06.1919 Mortgagee: John Inglis, Peebles, Peeblesshire.
08.02.1923 Mortgage (A) discharged upon the death of John Inglis.
31.12.1922 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin & Sons, Granton Edinburgh (Robert D. Devlin & Thomas L. Devlin Jnr owner/managers).
1926 Owned by George F. Liston, Granton Edinburgh (George Liston manager)
1931 Owned by G. M.  Liston, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
07.02.1933 Sprung a leak and  foundered 10 miles off St Abbs Head. Skipper Philip Liston and eight crew took to the small boat. Crew rowed for 6 hrs before being picked up by local fishing yawl.