Chancellor GN 45     

Built 1895   Hawthorns  & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh   (Steel)
Yard No 51
Owner at New Thomas L. Devlin,  Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager) 
ID no 99908
Launch Date 11.02.1895
Completed 03.1895
Gross Tons 109
Nett Tons 17
Engine 34 hp  C.2-cyl by Hawthorns  & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh
Length 89ft
Breadth 19.1ft
Depth 10ft
03.1895 Registered at Granton GN 45
1897 Owned by John S. Boyle, Glasgow (owner/manager)
17.12.1898 While entering the harbour from the fishing grounds ran into and sunk "Jacobina" a coal lighter lying on the West Pier Granton.
26.12.1900 Collided with ferry "Willie Muir" in Granton harbour entrance. Both received damage below the water line. Both vessels beached in harbour for inspection.
03.02.1902 Collided with Norwegian S.S. "Duna" (138g/1865) which sank off  Fidra Island in Firth of Forth. Mate Wilhelmsen & Seaman Myer from "Duna" drowned.
08.05.1903 Skipper Edward Hayward at Cupar Sheriff Court fined 60 or 60 days imprisonment for fishing inside the legal limit in the Firth of Forth on 30th April 1903.
24.09.1903 Stranded and lost on bank NW off  Scurdie Ness Lighthouse . Skipper Robert  Baker and seven crew rescued.