Chimaera GN 66

Built 1907   Hawthorns & Co Ltd,   Leith Edinburgh   (Steel)
Yard No 118
Owner at New Thomas L. Devlin, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager)
ID no 122985
Launch Date 1907
Completed 1907
Gross Tons 107
Gross Tons 40
Engine 35 hp   C.2-cyl by  Hawthorns & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh
Length 90.5ft
Breadth 19.1ft
Depth 9ft
22.07.1907 Registered at Granton GN 66
1914 Requisitioned for Admiralty Service
1917 Owned by Offord & Geddes Ltd, Lowestoft (Frederick J. Offord owner/manager)
1917 Granton registry closed.
03.08.1917 Registered at Lowestoft LT 118
1919 Returned to Owners
18.03.1919 Owned by W. H. Fisher. Lowestoft (W. H. Curtiss manager) .
05.1924 Owned by Livonia Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (Walter Aisthorpe manager).
04.12.1924 Mortgaged by Livonia Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (A).
04.12.1924 Mortgagee: National Provincial Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
15.05.1924 Lowestoft registry closed.
16.05.1924 Registered at Grimsby GY 19
18.02.1925 Mortgage (A) discharged.
19.02.1925 Mortgaged by Livonia Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (B).
19.02.1925 Mortgagee: Samuel Franklin, Grimsby (secure 800 @ 6% interest).
30.05.1928 Bill of sale under mortgage (B): Owned by Harry Franklin Ltd, Grimsby (Harry Norman Franklin manager).
30.05.1928 Mortgaged by Harry Franklin Ltd, Grimsby (C).
30.05.1928 Mortgagee: Samuel Franklin, Grimsby (secure 944 @ 6% interest).
18.12.1928 Wrecked at the entrance to Montrose Harbour after failure of her steering gear. All crew rescued.
22.01.1929 Mortgage (C) discharged.
23.01.1929 Grimsby registry closed.