As "Daily Chronicle" FD 69

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Clarkson & The Bosuns Watch website

                                        Commodator GN 6                              

Built 1917   Cook, Welton & Gemmell,  Beverley as  "Richard Bacon"    (Steel)
Yard No 382
Owner at New Admiralty   (Ad.No.3587)
ID no 143809
Launch Date 02.11.1917
Completed 12.03.1918
Engine 87 hp   T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Gross Tons 281
Nett Tons 109
Length 125.5ft
Breadth 23.5ft
Depth 12.7ft
24.08.1920 Registered at London  LO 438
1922 Sold to the Mercantile 
1922 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd,  Boston Lincs (Fred Parkes manager)
07.07.1922 London registry closed
07.1922 Renamed "HAGANBY"
07.1922 Registered at Boston BN 179
1923 Transferred to Fleetwood when Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, moved to Fleetwood
02.1925 Owned by Victor Fourny,  Boulogne France 
02.1925 Boston registry closed.
02.1925 Renamed “PROFESSUER BERGONIE”.
02.1925 Registered at Boulogne.
1930 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd,  Fleetwood   (Fred Parkes manager)
1930 Boulogne registry closed.
04.03.1930 Renamed "DAILY CHRONICLE"
04.03.1930 Registered at Fleetwood FD 69
05 .07.1933 Chartered by Italian Government to provide support for a trans-Atlantic flight involving 20 to 30 aeroplanes
1934 Owned by Thomas L Devlin & Sons, Granton Edinburgh (Thomas L. Devlin Jnr manager)  
05.11.1934 Fleetwood registry closed.
11.1934 Renamed  "COMMODATOR"
11.1934 Registered at Granton GN 6
29.08.1939 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (P.No. FY.634)
1942 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin & Sons Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Thomas L. Devlin Jnr manager).
1943 Owned by  Mrs Elizabeth D. Breen, Edinburgh (Thomas L. Devlin Jnr manager).
06.1945 Owned by Grimsby Merchants Amalgamated Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby  (Harvey Wilfred Wilson manager).  
06.1945 Granton registry closed.
18.06.1945 Registered at Grimsby GY 57.
04.10.1945 Returned to Owner.
15.02.1946 Bill of Sale: Owned by Richard Gordon Parsley, Milford Haven (owner/manager).
28.02.1946 Mortgaged by Richard Gordon Parsley, Milford Haven (A).
28.02.1946 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
20.04.1946 Sought refuge in Berehaven, Co. Cork after 140 tons of bunker coal shifted in 85mph gale force conditions on the W of Ireland grounds and put her on her beam ends. Crew spent five and a half hours trimming bunkers to restore her to an even keel.
1948 Renamed "LYNANDI"
14.01.1954 Skipper W. G. King experienced boiler problems, blew down and lost power while fishing off Old Head of Kinsale, taken in tow by S.T. “Inverforth” GN52.
16.01.1954 The tow parted and the vessel in danger of going ashore on St. Ann’s Head, Pembroke-shire.  The Angle life boat (Cox Alfred Watkins) was launched and the tug “Empire Rosa” dispatched to from Pembroke Dock to go to her assistance. Both vessels returned to Milford Haven unable to assist because of the 40ft waves. S.T. “Inverforth” remained on standby as did the S.T. “Thomas Booth” M 274. The Angle lifeboat and the “Empire Rosa” returned as the weather abated taking her in tow to Milford Haven
27.08.1954 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward at Castle Pill, Milford Haven
19.10.1954 Grimsby registry closed (except for part of mortgage (A).
08.11.1954 Mortgage (A) discharged.