As "Aurea" FD 300

Reproduced with acknowledgement to FMHT & Bosuns Watch websites

Compagnus GN 2        

Built 1917  Dundee Shipbuilding Co Ltd , Dundee as  "Aurea"  (Steel)
Yard No 279
Owner at New Brooklyn Fishing Co Ltd,  Fleetwood  (Thomas Cardwell manager)
ID no 141946
Launch Date 1917
Completed 09.1917
Gross Tons 270
Nett Tons 105
Engine 89 hp  T.3-cyl by W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 128.8ft
Breadth 23ft
Depth 12.6ft


25.09.1917 Registered at Fleetwood FD 300
09.1917 Requisitioned from builders and completed as a minesweeper. (Ad No. 3066) (Fitted with Hydrophones) based in the Aegean Sea.
1920 Returned to Owners
1934 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin & Sons, Granton Edinburgh (Thomas L. Devlin Jnr manager) 
20.04.1934 Fleetwood registry closed.
04.1934 Renamed "COMPAGNUS"
04.1934 Registered at Granton GN 2
29.12.1934 Mate Gilbert Menzies badly injured blocking up. Taken to Leith Hospital
13.12.1935 Towed Aberdeen S.T. "Napier" A.244 from 140 miles NE of Buchan Ness with engine trouble.
17.12.1939 Sunk by German aircraft 150 miles E x N of the May Island. One crew member lost, Survivors taken onboard S.T. "Colleague" GN 53. Deckhand  James Swanney killed by machine gun fire .