As "Kestevan" BN 146

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mark Stopper, Bostondeepseafishing Website & J & G Beales

Computator GN 42            

Built 1919   Cook, Welton & Gemmell,  Beverley as "Egilias  Akerman"   (Steel)
Yard No 410
Owner at New Admiralty    (Ad. No. 4294)
ID no 143471
Launch Date 18.03.1919
Completed 13.11.1919 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 290
Nett Tons 109
Engine 86 hp    T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 125.5ft
Breadth 23.6ft
Depth 12.7ft
01.1920 Sold to the Mercantile
01.1920 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co,  Boston Lincs  (Fred Parkes manager)
01.1920 Renamed "KESTEVAN"
01.1920 Registered at Boston BN 146
1923 Owned by Victor  Fourny, France
1923 Boston registry closed.
1923 Renamed  "IMPREVU"
1923 Registered at Boulogne
1930 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing  & Ice Co Ltd, Fleetwood   (Fred Parkes manager)
1930 Boulogne registry closed.
17.03.1930 Renamed "DAILY MIRROR"
17.03.1930 Registered at Fleetwood FD 71
05 to 07.1933 Chartered by Italian Government to provide support for a trans-Atlantic flight involving 20 to 30 aeroplanes
1934 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin & Sons, Granton Edinburgh (Thomas L. Devlin Jnr manager)
26.05.1934 Fleetwood registry closed.
05.1934 Renamed "COMPUTATOR"
05.1934 Registered at Granton GN 42
27.03.1937 Three men washed overboard and drowned 100 miles ENE from Buchan Ness.     Thomas Wood  (40) 2nd Fisherman, James Rennie (22) Deckhand ,Newhaven Edinburgh. E. I.  Peebles  (21)Trimmer, Leith. All three were washed away while stowing gear for trip home in heavy weather.
03.05.1937 Grounded 4 miles north of Buchan Ness, refloated on next tide.
30.08.1939 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (P.No.FY.635) (Hire rate 89.7.6d/month).
1942 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin & Sons Ltd, Granton Edinburgh
21.01.1945 Sunk following a collision with destroyer HMS "Vanoc" (P.No.H33)off  Seine Bay Normandy  France