Cornelius Carroll GW 36

Built 1918   Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 539
Owner at New Admiralty    (Ad No.3658)
ID no 145054
Launch Date 27.01.1918
Completed 19.03.1918 fitted with Listening Hydrophones
Gross Tons 213
Nett Tons 84
Engine 57 hp      T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen
Length 115.3ft
Breadth 22.6ft
Depth 12.2ft


12.10.1920 Registered at London LO 471. 
12.1921 Sold to the Mercantile
12.1921 Owned by Glasgow owners
09.12.1921 London registry closed.
12.1921 Registered at Glasgow GW 36
1922 Owned by Miss Ann Gordon Lewis, Aberdeen (Richard Watson Lewis manager)
04.1922 Glasgow registry closed.
22.04.1922 Registered at Aberdeen A.885
14.07.1922 Renamed "BOYNE BRAES"
1931 Owned by Mrs Hannah Watson Thom,  Aberdeen (Richard Watson Lewis manager)
13.10.1932 Owned by Stephen Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Thomas Stephen manager).
19.11.1932 Renamed "MARGARET STEPHENS".
23.02.1936 Drove ashore and wrecked at Lunna Ness Shetland in a strong South Easterly gale. Skipper Alex Gardner and 8 crewmen struggled into the small boat just before she sank;  all nine crewmen arrived safely on shore. 
19.03.1936 Aberdeen registry closed.