Coronatia GN 82

Built 1902   Smiths Dock Co Ltd,  North Shields  (Steel)
Yard No 669
Owner at New Potter Steam Fishing Co Ltd, North Shields (John L. Potter manager)
ID no 114521
Launch Date 06.08.1902
Completed 09.1902
Gross Tons 185
Nett Tons 81
Engine 48 hp  T.3-cyl by MacColl & Pollock Ltd, Sunderland
Length 106ft
Breadth 20.5ft
Depth 11.5ft
19.09.1902 Registered at North Shields SN 337
14.11.1908 Owned by Mary Stephenson, Robert R. Stephenson  & James R. Stephenson, North Shields  (Robert R. Stephenson owner/ manager).
08.1914 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad. No.323) and based at Falmouth.
1917 Owned by Archibald G. Brown, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
23.03.1917 North Shields registry closed.
1917 Registered at Granton GN 82.
10.1918 Owned by Barnet Levinson, Grimsby (owner/manager).
10.1918 Granton registry closed.
17.10.1918 Mortgaged by Barnet Levinson, Grimsby (A).
17.10.1918 Mortgagee: National Provincial & Union Bank of England, London (secure account & interest).
25.10.1918 Registered at Grimsby GY 1224
18.07.1919 James William Rodgers (28) Grimsby (2nd hand) died of illness.
1919 Returned to Owners
10.11.1920 Mortgaged by Barnet Levinson, Grimsby (B).
10.11.1920 Mortgagee: Weslie Agulther, Liverpool (secure 3000 @ 7% interest).
26.02.1925 Bill of Sale under mortgage (A): Owned by Great Central Cooperative Engineering & Ship Repairing Co Ltd, Grimsby
05.03.1925 Mortgaged x 5 by Great Central Cooperative Engineering & Ship Repairing Co Ltd, Grimsby (C), (D), (E), (F) & (G).
05.03.1925 Mortgagees: Fred Lister, Grimsby (secure 300 @ 5.5% interest); George Lowe Alward, Grimsby (secure 200 @ 5.5% interest); Thomas benjamin Roberts, Grimsby  (secure 200 @ 5.5% interest); Sidney Allington, Grimsby  (secure 100 @ 5.5% interest); and Lily Lister, Grimsby  (secure 100 @ 5.5% interest).
1925 New boiler fitted by Great Central Cooperative Engineering & Ship Repairing Co Ltd, Grimsby.
15.06.1928 Mortgages (C); (D); (E); (F) & (G) discharged.
15.06.1928 Bill of sale: Owned by Trawlers White Sea & Grimsby Ltd, Grimsby  (James Norman Bacon manager).
12.1939 Requisitioned as a Boom Gate Vessel (P.No Z.204) based at Sheerness Nore Command.
01.1940 Skipper Percy Chapman awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O)
14.03.1941 Charles George  Mastin appointed manager .
15.01.1942 Owned by Trawlers (Grimsby) Ltd, Grimsby (Charles George Mastin manager) (Company renamed).
1944 Returned to Owners.
06.08.1944 Harvey Wilfred Wilson appointed manager.
09.1949 Sold as scrap.
24.09.1949 Grimsby registry closed.