Councillor GN 17               

Built 1885   Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh  as "Le Lillois"   (Iron)
Yard No 20
Owner at New J & W. Dorsaer & Co, Ostend Belgium
ID no 110207
Launch Date 08.10.1885
Completed 1885
Gross Tons 116
Nett Tons 48
Engine 36 hp  C.2-cyl by  Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 94.5ft
Breadth 20ft
Depth 9.6ft
1885 Struck quay on opposite side of river after launch causing damage to the stern. Taken to Granton and dragged up slip for repairs.
26.10.1895 Ran her trial trip.
1885 Registered at Ostend O.208
25.02.1900 Owned by Thomas L. Devlin, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager)
25.02.1900 Ostend registry closed.
30.04.1900 Renamed "COUNCILLOR" 
30.04.1900 Registered at Granton GN 17
26.12.1900 Collided with ferry steamer "Willie Muir" (364g/1879) at the entrance to Granton Harbour. Both vessels badly damaged and were beached in harbour to ascertain damage.
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
1919 Returned to Owners
28.02.1919 Thomas L. Devlin deceased, (Robert D. Devlin & Thomas L. Devlin Jnr managers) (Company Trustees -Grace Darney Devlin ( his wife); John Inglis, Peebles; Alex Stewart ( R. C. Priest) St Mary's Cathedral House Edinburgh)).
15.10.1919 Owned by George Philip Taylor, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
27.07.1925 Peter Thompson (50) Skipper, Dundee died at sea.
1926 Owned by Rotunda Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (Mrs Isabella Taylor manager)
1932 Sold as scrap.
1932 Scrapped by Malcolm Brechin at Granton Edinburgh