Deerhound  LH 1087

Built 1884     J. T.  Eltringham & Co Ltd,   South  Shields   (Iron)
Yard No 117
Owner at New  John M. Clark & Spencer Haworth,  Leith  Edinburgh
ID no 87273
Launch Date 1884
Completed 1884
Gross Tons 112
Nett Tons 26
Engine 40 hp Side Lever   L.1-cyl    by   Baird & Barnsley Ltd, North Shields
Length 100.5ft
Breadth 18.1ft
Depth 9.6t
1884 Registered at Leith LH 1087
22.09.1884 Arrived back in Leith making water after grounding on the May Island Firth of Forth during fog.
25.03.1885 Wrecked on Long Craig / Herwit Rock South of Inchkeith Firth of Forth in thick fog. Skipper W. Nicholson and six crew rescued.
Vessel valued at 4500  & only partially insured.