Devonia  LH 1135

Built 1885    J. T.  Eltringham & Co Ltd,   South  Shields  (Iron)
Yard No 128
Owner at New John M. Clark & Spencer Haworth, Leith Edinburgh 
ID no 91081
Launch Date 1885
Completed 1885
Gross Tons 112
Nett Tons 14
Engine 40 hp Side Lever L.1-cyl by Baird & Barnsley Ltd, North Shields
Length 100ft
Breadth 18.5ft
Depth 9.5ft
10.11.1885 Registered at Leith.
Undated Converted to a trawler
Undated Registered at Leith LH 1135
12.01.1888 Ran ashore near Anstruther Fife and holed in the starboard side, refloated on next tide and headed to Leith for repairs.
1892 Owned by John M. Clarke, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager)
1893 Owned by John M. Smart,  North Shields (owner/manager)
25.06.1893 Towed S. T. "Marie Roze"  (56g/1889) into North Shields  after a boiler tube burst causing severe scalding to James Roy (fireman) South Shields & Peter Colquhoun (deckhand) North Shields. James Roy died from his injuries as he was being transferred ashore by stretcher; Peter Colquhoun died later that evening in Tynemouth Infirmary.
03.10.1895 Towed into North Shields in a disabled condition in severe weather and had been drifting through the storm for two days. Prior to the storm in thick fog she had been in collision with a foreign sailing ship, causing damage to her steering gear.
Undated Reverted to Tug
1901 Owned by Thomas Hutchinson & William Bulmer, Sunderland (Thomas Hutchinson owner/manager)
28.09.1907 Stranded and lost 2 miles south of Seaham harbour. Wind ENE force 4. Skipper W. Hutchinson & 3 crewmen rescued.
1907 Leith registry closed.