As a salvage vessel on the Clyde  Unknown

Douglas  GN 14    

Built 1876   Murdoch & Murray Ltd,  Port Glasgow (Iron)
Yard No 19
Owner at New Robert Nimmo & Hugh Brown, Glasgow
ID no 73860
Launch Date 1876
Completed 08.1876
Gross Tons 101
Nett Tons 48
Engine 30 hp   C.2-cyl by  Muir & Houston,  Glasgow
Length 97.2ft
Breadth 17.2ft
Depth 7.9ft


1876 Registered at Glasgow
Pre1880 Owned by West Coast & Clew Bay Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Co Mayo Ireland.
1881 Owned by William Pollexfen, Sligo Ireland.
1881 Glasgow registry closed.
1881 Registered at Sligo.
03.10.1882 Towed the disabled S. T. "Hawk" of Leith into Granton harbour.
07.10.1882 Set sail under canvas for Granton after loosing her propeller due to a broken shaft (it is believed that the strain of towing the S. T. "Hawk"  may have contributed to the problem). She fell in with the S. T. "Phoenix" (towage price 4) near Fidra island Firth of Forth who towed her into Granton so she would catch the market for her fish. The General Steam Fishing Co have made a claim for 300 salvage for towing the S.T. "Hawk".
28.12.1882 Struck  the S. T "Amethyst" GN 11 amidships while she was sheltering from a storm to the east of Inchkeith, Firth of Forth causing serious damage to several plates, vessel returned to Granton and was placed on the patent slip for repair.
21.02.1883 Ordered by the court to pay 9 for damages to lines of the crew of the fishing smack "Express" of Cockenzie on 25.01.1883.
1884 Owned by General Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (John Scott manager).
1884 Registered at Granton GN 14.
03.09.1884 Ran ashore on Fidra, Firth of Forth, later refloated and returned to Granton to be beached for repairs.
11.11.1884 Collided with S.T. "Buccleuch" GN 22 on the fishing grounds while transferring a net.
20.01.1886 Landed an 11ft shark caught south east of May Island Firth of Forth.
13.12.1888 Collided with Norwegian S.S. "Lincoln" (164n/1880) near Ailsa Craig causing her  to sink. All crew rescued and landed at Ayr.
14.05.1889 660 damages awarded to the Norwegian owners of  S.S. "Lincoln". (J. Wright, Christiana Norway).
22.01.1891 While fishing 12 miles east of the May Island Firth of Forth collided with S.T. "Albatross" GN 13 causing a slight twist to the stem.
17.12.1894 Collided with the fishing lugger "Bon Accord" of St. Monance, Fife  and causing considerable damage, while she was lying at anchor of North Berwick Firth of Forth.
07.02.1898 Skipper Thomas Lindsay convicted of illegal fishing within three mile limit. Sheriff imposed a 25 fine or ten days imprisonment. The accused chose prison.


John Scott resigns as manager.


James Caw appointed manager.


Skipper John McLeod at Cupar Sheriff Court fined 30 for illegal fishing within the three mile limit off Carnoustie.
26.07.1904 In collision with S.S. "Eastwood"  (866g/1870) of London causing damage to both vessels, "Douglas" continued on to Granton and "Eastwood" returned to Methil for repairs.
Pre1905 Owned by Granton Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh.
1907 Owned by Clyde Salvage Co Ltd Glasgow.
1910 Owned by John Colquhoun, Glasgow.
1910 Owned by James Myles, Glasgow.
1911 Owned by James P. Waldie, Glasgow.
1918 Owned by John G. Hammond, London.
1919 Owned by John Ford, Pembroke Wales.
31.08.1919 Sank off Solva harbour south west Wales in unknown circumstances.