As Okino GY 1060

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Drumaston  GN 35

Built 1916   Cochrane & Sons, Selby as "Okino" (Steel)
Yard No 674
Owner at New Henry Lewis Taylor & Henry Greer Hopwood, Grimsby  (Henry Lewis Taylor owner/manager)
ID no 139951
Launch Date 15.08.1916
Completed 06.1917
Gross Tons 311
Nett Tons 123
Engine 98 hp  T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 135.4ft
Breadth 23.5ft
Depth 12.3ft
05.06.1917 Registered at Grimsby  GY 1060
07.1917 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.3051) based at Milford Haven
1919 Returned to Owners
03.12.1919 Two Bills of Sale: Owned by Henry Lewis Taylor & Henry Greer Hopwood, Grimsby
04.12.1919 Mortgaged by (32 shares) Henry Greer Hopwood, Grimsby (A).
04.12.1919 Mortgagee: Barclays Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
18.03.1922 Henry Lewis Taylor deceased; Amy Taylor; Henry Greer Hopwood; Charles Taylor & Thomas William Baskcomb executors.
14.10.1922 Mortgage (A) discharged.
16.10.1922 Two Bills of Sale: Owned by Diamonds Steam Fishing Co Ltd ,Grimsby.
 25.10.1922 Henry Greer Hopwood appointed manager.
01.1940 Requisitioned and converted to Boom Defence Vessel (P.No.Z.146).
30.05.1944 Grimsby registry closed.
30.05.1944 Owned by Ministry of War Transport, London.
12.1945 Sold to the Mercantile
1946 Owned by Drum Fishing Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh  
1946 Renamed "DRUMASTON"
1946 Registered at Granton GN 35
05.1953 Owned by Italian owners.
05.1953 Granton registry closed.
1956 Scrapped by Contieri Navali del Golfo Genoa at La Spezia Italy.