Dudley N.B.  GN 88

Built 1919   Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh as "Thomas Cowell"  (Steel)
Yard No 173
Owner at New Admiralty  (Ad.No.4475)
ID no 137639
Launch Date 18.06.1919
Completed 27.11.1919 delivered as a minesweeper, Hydrophones fitted.
Gross Tons 203
Nett Tons 88
Engine 74 hp    T.3-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 22.2ft
Depth 12.6ft
1919 Sold to the Mercantile
1919 Owned by Walter Lyle & David Dow, Newhaven Edinburgh (Thomas Y. Carnie manager)
24.11.1919 Renamed "DUDLEY N. B."
24.11.1919 Registered at Granton GN 88
1920 Owned by Hollinwood Steam Trawler Fishing Co Ltd, Hull   (Benjamin Knowles manager)
1920 Granton registry closed.
06.02.1920 Registered at Hull H 162
13.10.1920 Towed the disabled S.S. "Durna" of Leith into Grimsby from 3 miles off the Spurn Lighthouse.
13.04.1927 Owned by Seaward Fishing Co Ltd, Hull  (Charles Hudson manager)
14.05.1927 Renamed "SOUTHWARD HO"
11.11.1929 Owned by Ocean Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (G.  Altoft manager)
1933 Owned by George Leiper & Others, Aberdeen (George Leiper manager)
01.03.1934 Hull registry closed.
03.03.1934 Registered at Aberdeen A.16
17.05.1937 Owned by David Dougal & John Dougal, Tynemouth; James Dougal, Eyemouth Berwickshire; Adam Wyse & John Dougal, North Shields. 
1944 Requisitioned and converted to an ESSO (Fuel carrier)
1945 Returned to Owners
1953 Sold as scrap to UK ship breaker.
03.05.1953 Aberdeen registry closed.