Effort LH 1083

Built 1884    A.G. Gifford & Co Ltd,  Leith  Edinburgh     (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New Alexander Cook, Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/manager) 
ID no 87272
Launch Date 01.1884
Completed 1884
Gross Tons 36
Nett Tons 21
Engine 17 hp   C.2-cyl by John  Cran & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Fuel consumption approx 1ton/day)
Length 61.6ft
Breadth 17.7ft
Depth 6.5ft
1884 Registered at Leith  LH 1083
12.01.1888 Ran ashore 1 mile east of Dunbar, refloated on next tide
1890 Owned by James Lumsden Cunliffe, Edinburgh (owner/manager)
1890 Leith registry closed.
02.12.1890 Registered at Aberdeen A.602.
1893 Hired out to fish from Cellardyke Fife.
01.06.1896 Advertised for sale in Aberdeen at a reduced price of 230.
06.1896 Owned by Thomas Brown, Sons & Co, Milford Haven (Ship Broker).
24.09.1896 Owned by Long Line Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Edinburgh   (James Christie manager)
08.1898 Owned by Mathew & Norman Nicholas,  Milford Haven (Kinnard & Co Managers)
30.08.1898 Aberdeen registry closed.
05.09.1898 Registered at Milford Haven  M 145 
03.08.1907 Foundered  7 miles WSW off Tuskar Lighthouse Co Wexford.
09.09.1907 Milford registry closed.