Ely GN 3

Built 1858         T. D. Marshall, South Shields     (Iron)
Yard No  
Owner at New Bute Dock Steam Towing Co, Cardiff
ID no 19371
Launch Date 1858
Completed 03.1858
Gross Tons 70
Nett Tons 9
Engine 35 hp Side Lever L.1-cyl by T. D. Marshall,   South Shields 
Length 80.4ft
Breadth 16.7ft
Depth 9ft
1858 Registered at Cardiff.
13.03.1858 Called into Lowestoft for bunker coal on delivery voyage to Cardiff.
1864 Owned by Cardiff & Penarth Steam Towing Co, Cardiff.
16.01.1866 Up for auction at Cardiff.
21.09.1866 Rescued the crew from the sloop "Wool Packet" of Dartmouth which had stranded on Bideford Bar during a severe storm.
01.11.1866 Skipper T. Jones received the Royal National Lifeboat Institution's Silver medal and 2, crew received 8 for their part in the rescue of the "Wool Packet" crew.
1867 Owned by Thomas Winmill, Cardiff.
06.07.1867 Advertised in the Bristol Mercury for sale by auction at the Windsor Hotel on the 10th  July.
1870 Owned by John L. Jones, Cardiff.
1872 Owned by J. P. Rennoldson, South Shields.
1873 Owned by William Bulmer, Middlesbrough.
1873 Cardiff registry closed.
1873 Registered at Middlesbrough
1877 Owned by William Runcy Davison, Sunderland (skipper/owner).
1879 Middlesbrough registry closed.
1879 Registered at Sunderland SD 251.
27.02.1880 Towed into Sunderland with disabled engines.
Pre1882 Owned by Robert Watson, Sunderland.
1882 Owned by William Adey, Sunderland.
29.08.1883 Sold at auction at Aberdeen upset price 150.
29.08.1883 Owned by William Gunn & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh
1884 Sunderland registry closed.
1884 Registered at Granton GN 3.
03.06.1886 Ran aground to the West of Inchkeith. Safely towed off by S.T. "Onward" LH 880
1891 Scrapped.