At Milford Haven H 741

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stevenson

Emperor H 741

Built 1903    Cook Welton & Gemmell Ltd,  Beverley  (Steel)
Yard No 30
Owner at New Great North Steamship Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (J. Dugdall manager)
ID no 116170
Launch Date 14.05.1903
Completed 06.1903
Gross Tons 181
Nett Tons 71
Engine 46 hp  T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 109ft
Breadth 20.5ft
Depth 11ft
23.06.1903 Registered at Hull H 741
1912 Sydney Feltham appointed manager.
09.1914 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.552)
02.1917 Deployed as a Fishery Reserve Vessel
14.12.1918 Owned by Richard F. Scotter & Richard Cammish, Scarborough (Richard F. Scotter owner/manager)
1919 Returned to Owners
23.06.1920 Owned by Emperor Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Scarborough


In collision with steam drifter  "Research" YH 421 while trawling, 30 miles east of Scarborough, causing some plate damage.
11.09.1925 Owned by F. Thornley, Blackpool
29.10.1928 Owned by Thomas T. Brown, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager).
16.11.1929 Owned by Mark M. Robson ( Robson Locke & Co) Milford Haven( Brands & Curzon managers )
01.1935 Owned by Herman Westenborg, Mark M. Robson & Robert Taylor, Milford Haven (Hermann Westenborg, manager).
11.1936 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward at Castle Pill, Milford Haven
30.03.1937 Hull registry closed.