Last of Salvesen's Factory Trawlers

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Fairtry III  LH 371

Built 1960    Simons - Lobnitz, Renfrew  (Steel)
Yard No 809
Owner at New Fresh Frozen Foods Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Christian Salvesen Ltd)
ID no 300613
Launch Date 17.12.1959
Completed 01.1960
Gross Tons 2857
Nett Tons 1046
Engine 4020 hp 3 x 5-cyl 4SCSA by Ruston Hornsby/GEC, Lincoln
Length 274.4ft
Breadth 48.2ft
Depth 23.6ft
01.1960 Registered at Leith LH 371
1967 Laid up and for sale at Tonsberg Norway.
25.07.1970 Sold as scrap to Hughes Bolckow Ltd at Blyth Northumberland
At Hughes Bolckow awaiting scrapping 16.09.1970
Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dennis Maccoy, South Shields