As Lydstep M 192

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Roger Worsley & Milford Trawler website

Feugh GN 24

Built 1916     Cochrane & Sons Ltd,  Selby   (Steel)
Yard No 725
Owner at New Richard Watson Lewis,  Aberdeen   (owner/manager)
ID no 139782
Launch Date 18.07.1916
Completed 01.1917
Gross Tons 227
Nett Tons 87
Engine 80 hp   T.3-cyl by R. W.  Lewis & Sons Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 121.2ft
Breadth 22.2ft
Depth 12.3ft
17.10.1916 Registered at Aberdeen A.706.
06.1917 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.1278).
1919 Returned to Owners.
22.11.1919 Owned by British Trawling Co Ltd, Bootle Liverpool   (Charles W. Pickering manager).
09.02.1920 Owned by Derby Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Liverpool (Charles W. Pickering manager).
02.1922 Owned by Godby Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Fleetwood      (Jules Nierinck manager).
20.02.1922 Aberdeen registry closed.
24.02.1922 Registered at FD 403.
8.6.1923 Driven ashore at Bispham, Blackpool, catch and crew saved: later refloated and returned to service.
09.1924 Owned by Thomas D. Lees, Leith Edinburgh (Robert Bell Jnr manager). 
11.10.1924 Fleetwood registry closed.
13.10.1924 Registered at Granton GN 24.
11.1924 Owned by Crampin Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby (Herbert George Crampin manager). 
23.11.1925 Granton registry closed.
25.11.1925 Registered at Grimsby GY 366.
07.11.1927 Bill of Sale: Owned by Trawlers (White Sea & Grimsby) Ltd, Grimsby (Harold Bacon managers).
20.12.1927 Mortgaged by Trawlers (White Sea & Grimsby) Ltd, Grimsby (A).
20.12.1927 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
20.12.1927 Renamed "BERENGA".
19.05.1929 Mortgage (A) discharged.
03.02.1930 James Norman Bacon appointed manager.
26.01.1937 V. Smith, trimmer was landed at Grimsby with serious face and leg injuries having been washed along the deck.
25.11.1939 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (P.No.FY.774)  (Hire rate 64.6.4d/month).
19.04.1940 Re-deployed as a Barrage Balloon Vessel based at Scapa Flow Orkney.
06.1940 Returned to Owners.

Charles George Mastin appointed manager.

15.01.1942 Owned by Trawlers Grimsby Ltd,  Grimsby (Charles George Mastin manager) (Company renamed).
09.1945 Returned to Owners.
08.12.1945 Bill of Sale: Owned by United Trawlers Ltd, Milford Haven (Henry James Horwood manager).
12.01.1946 Mortgaged by United Trawlers Ltd, Milford Haven  (B).
12.01.1946 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure sum due on account & interest).
31.01.1951 Skipper Arthur Howie, rescued the crew of S.T. "Braes of Mar" M 100 before she foundered after making water 15 miles WNW from the Skelligs all crew transferred to "Berenga" and landed at Berehaven Co. Cork Ireland.
1951 Salved and returned to service.
24.09.1951 Mortgage (B) discharged.
24.09.1951 Bill of Sale: Owned by Atlantic Trawlers Ltd, Edinburgh.
15.10.1951 Grimsby registry closed.
15.10.1951 Henry James Richards, Milford Haven appointed manager
17.10.1951 Renamed "SPRINGLEIGH".
17.10.1951 Registered at Milford Haven  M 192. 
19.02.1953 Owned by J. C .Llewellyn (Trawlers) Ltd, Milford Haven  (Sir John Charles Llewellin manager).
05.05.1953 Owned by South Western Trawlers Ltd, Milford Haven.
27.07.1953 Renamed "LYDSTEP".
11.11.1954 Reported that deckhand George G. Harding was injured by a rope when hauling; landed at Cork, Co. Cork he died two days later.
1955 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co)
23.05.1955 Arrived at Castle Pill.
1955 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward at Castle Pill, Milford Haven.
13.06.1955 Milford registry closed.