Reproduced with acknowledgement David Asprey

Flying Spray GW 172

Built 1876   Softley Brothers, North Shields (Iron)
Yard No  
Owner at New Clyde Shipping Co Ltd, Glasgow (George J. Kidston manager)
ID no 73849
Launch Date 1876
Completed 1876
Gross Tons 88
Nett Tons 26
Engine 50 hp Side Lever L.1-cyl by R. J. Marshall,  North Shields
Length 85.2ft
Breadth 17.1ft
Depth 9.3ft


1876 Registered at Glasgow
17.03.1878 River pilot (Lomond aged 47) drawn into paddle box by a piece of rope and sliced in two in the Victoria harbour, Greenock.
1883 Owned by W. Donaldson, North Shields
02.02.1886 Ran aground entering Berwick harbour causing the vessel to make water, beached for repairs.
1892 Owned by Matthew Cockburn, North Shields
07.1892 Glasgow registry closed.
09.07.1892 Registered at  North Shields SN 142
21.09.1893 Ran into by S.S. "Beckton" (857g/1869) from London causing considerable damage
1895 North Shields registry closed.
1895 Registered at Glasgow GW 172
1897 Owned by Joseph Scott, John Ness & George Harrison, Scarborough   (1200).
1897 Glasgow registry closed.
10.05.1897 Registered at Scarborough SH 259
1904 Owned by William Nettleton, Hull converted to a barge
29.04.1904 Scarborough registry closed.
1904 Registered at Hull.
1923 Owned by Robert Berry, Hull
1923 Renamed "HOPA"
1938 Humber Lighterage & Trading Co Ltd,  Hull
1950 Converted to storage barge.