In Scarborough

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Fort George GN 77

Built 1902  Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 362
Owner at New United Steam Fishing Co of Aberdeen Ltd,  Aberdeen  (John Brodie & James S. Melville managers)
ID no 115583
Launch Date 16.11.1902
Completed 02.1903
Gross Tons 183
Nett Tons 72
Engine 50 hp    T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 108.8ft
Breadth 21.7ft
Depth 11.6ft
10.02.1903 Registered at Aberdeen A.630
1912 Owned by James & William  Lyle,  Newhaven Edinburgh  (James Lyle owner/manager)
13.03.1912 Aberdeen registry closed.
18.03.1912 Registered at Granton GN 77.
18.01.1915 Owned by William Lyle, Newhaven Edinburgh (Thomas Murphy manager)
03.1917 Requisitioned and converted to a “Q” ship, based at Granton and operating under the name of “Robina”, later reduced to Fishery Reserve Vessel.
14.06.1917 Fishing about 35 miles east of May Island Firth of Forth, when she was attacked by submarine at 2,000 yards. It was ten o'clock at night, and the trawler, after the third round, secured her fishing gear and returned the fire. The enemy was evidently surprised, for after the trawler had fired three shells the German broke off the engagement and submerged, but with his fourth and fifth rounds he had hit the trawler killing two and wounding another couple. Those killed:- C.H. Mitchell & J. T. Peters both deckhands.

Lieutenant J.C. Jones R.N.V.R awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
  Lieutenant J.C. Jones R.N.V.R. , his medal  and crew photo  ©
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28.01.1918 Along with HMT "W. S.  Bailey" reported to have chased and sank U-63 by depth charge off  May Island Firth of Forth.
11.1918 Returned to Owners.
1926 Owned by Thomas Round, George Lee Round & John Coulson Round,  Scarborough (Thomas Round manager).
14.06.1926 Granton registry closed
15.06.1926 Registered at Scarborough SH 56
1931 Owned by E. Audebert & Cie,  Dieppe France.
25.02.1931 Scarborough registry closed.
1931 Renamed "AMADI".
1931 Registered at Dieppe.
1938 Owned by Societe Poletaise de Chalutage, Dieppe France.