Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Glen Strathallan  GW 15

Built 1928   Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby  (Steel)
Yard No 1020
Owner at New Glasgow Owners (declared bankrupt before completion)
ID no 145305
Launch Date 25.05.1928
Completed 1928
Gross Tons 330
Nett Tons 119
Engine 108 hp      T.3-cyl by Charles D. Holmes & Co Ltd, Hull
Length 139.2ft
Breadth 24.1ft
Depth 13.2ft
1928 Registered at Glasgow GW 15.
1928 Owned by Robert Alan Colby Cubbin, Douglas, Isle of Man (Converted to a yacht total cost 30,000).
1928 Glasgow registry closed.
1928 Registered at Douglas.
1939 Requisitioned as Anti Submarine Vessel/ Escort Vessel (P.No.FY.010).
1945 Returned to Owners.
1951 Robert Alan Colby Cubbin deceased (He requested that upon his death the vessel be used as a sea training ship until the end of its useful life, at which time it was to be sunk in the English Channel..
1955 Owned by Shaftesbury Homes and Arthusa Traing Ship, based at Millwall Docks London,deployed as a moored yacht training vessel.
Pre1970 Engines removed and preserved in the Science Museum, London
27.04.1970 Scuttled at Plymouth Sound.
01.08.2011 The bell from the Glen Strathallan sold at auction, Cottees of Wareham for 560.00