Glentilt  GN 45

Built 1900    R. Kitto & Sons, Portleven Cornwall    (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New Steam Herring Fleet Ltd, Aberdeen (John Kerr manager)
ID no 112921
Launch Date 1900
Completed 08.1900
Gross Tons 59
Nett Tons 36
Engine 12 hp C.2-cyl by J. W. Brooke Ltd, Lowestoft
Length 77.4ft
Breadth 18.4ft
Depth 8.3ft
04.08.1900 Registered at Aberdeen A.202
1902 Andrew Robertson appointed manager
06.12.1906 Ran aground south of the entrance to Eyemouth harbour. Salvaged and repaired.
1907 Owned by James  Alexander McGlashan, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).  
04.04.1907 Aberdeen registry closed.
09.04.1907 Registered at Granton GN 45
05.1915 Requisitioned as Stores Carrier and Transport Vessel based at Granton.
06.1918 Renamed "GLENEALY"
1919 Returned to Owners reverted to "Glentilt".
1919 Owned by Marine Mercantile Co Ltd, London (George Coote manager).
09.06.1919 Granton registry closed.
1919 Registered at Fraserburgh FR 728
06.1924 Scrapped