Gowan  GW 9

Built 1905   Mackie & Thomson Ltd, Govan  (Steel)
Yard No 310
Owner at New Glasgow Steam Trawling Co Ltd, (Hugh Alexander & Others) (Charles Finlay Paton, Glasgow manager)
ID no 121229
Launch Date 19.04.1905
Completed 05.1905
Gross Tons 173
Nett Tons 64
Engine 47 hp  C.2-cyl  by W. V. V.  Lidgerwood & Co Ltd,  Glasgow
Length 110.4ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 11ft
17.05.1905 Registered at Glasgow GW 9.
Pre1907 Harry Alexander Holmes, Aberdeen appointed manager.
15.10.1910 Owned by Paton's Trawlers Ltd,  Glasgow  (Charles Finlay Paton manager).
12.1914 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.477) based at Falmouth.
1920 Returned to Owners.
12.03.1920 Collided with & sank pilot cutter "Cruiser" 6 cables north of Pallas Rocks Inchkeith Firth of Forth. Three crew rescued; one namely Alexander Noble, Leith drowned, blame  for collision was equally apportioned.
1924 Patons' Trawlers Ltd, Glasgow in liquidation.
05.12.1924 Owned by Charles Finlay Paton, Glasgow (George Gallie Paton manager).
1925 Owned by Alexander  S. Wilson, Leith Edinburgh
1930 Owned by William McGregor, Newhaven Edinburgh.
15.07.1932 Foundered  8 miles ENE off  May Island  Firth of Forth, all crew rescued.