As YH 67 Unknown

Grace LH 1133

Built 1884   Hawthorns  & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Launched at Granton)        (Wood)
Yard No 13
Owner at New Thomas  Devlin Snr,  Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/manager)
ID no 91072
Launch Date 1884
Completed 09.1884
Gross Tons 43
Nett Tons 15
Engine 10 hp  C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 63.2ft
Breadth 17.2ft
Depth 7.8ft
12.09.1884 Registered at Leith  LH 1133.
22.09.1884 Owned by Thomas L Devlin (19 shares), John Darney (13 shares), Elizabeth Mossman Darney Newhaven Edinburgh (19 shares) & William Dowie, St. Monance Fifeshire (13 shares) (Thomas L. Devlin, owner/manager).
19.01.1887 Advertised for sale at Leith in the Scotsman.
17.03.1887 Bill of Sale (19 shares) Elizabeth Mossman Darney to Thomas L Devlin.
12.09.1888 Owned by Richard Irvin,  North Shields (owner/manager)
13.02.1891 Owned by John Spence, North Shields (owner/manager).
18.11.1895 Stranded near Pefferburn three miles northwest of Dunbar East Lothian, refloated and taken to Dunbar for inspection.
09.11.1897 Owned by John Grimes, South Shields
09.11.897 Owned by Peter Burgon, North Shields
19.11.1897 Owned by James Pitchers, (Gorelston) Great Yarmouth  (owner/manager)
03.1898 Leith registry closed.
17.03.1898 Registered at Great Yarmouth YH 67
1935 Great Yarmouth registry closed.
  The only vessel every registered at Leith by the Devlin'