Running trials at Peterhead

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Livingston

                    Granton   Harrier   GN 77                      

Built 1962     Livingston & Co Ltd,  Peterhead  (Steel)
Yard No 09
Owner at New William Carnie Ltd,  Granton  Edinburgh (owner/manager)
ID no 302492
Launch Date 09.12.1961
Completed 05.1962
Gross Tons 217
Nett Tons 90
Engine 785 hp  6-cyl  4SCSA by Ruston Hornsby, Lincoln
Length 109ft
Breadth 24.2ft
Depth 11.9ft


Registered at Granton GN 77
1967 Owned by Carnie & Croan  Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (William Carnie manager).
1969 Owned by Croan Trawlers  Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Joe Croan manager)
1970 Owned by British United Trawlers (Scotland) Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh
08.06.1973 Caught fire off Barra, Outer Hebrides, Skipper Alan Banks and rest of crew took to the life raft, ten crew rescued by marine biology ship "Challenger", four other bodies picked from the sea. John Thorburn, cook was airlited to H.M.S. "Tiger" for treatment to his severe shock, Patrick was his son.Skipper Banks also had his young son away on a pleasure trip.
  Those Lost: -
James Barr 53 Mate 21 Muirhouse Green Edinburgh
Patrick Thorburn   Deckhand 212 West Granton Road, Edinburgh
Joseph Murphy Jnr   Trainee 2 Seafield Road Leith Edinburgh
Terry Hamilton   Trainee 50 Ferry Road Avenue Edinburgh.
1976 Owned by Putford Enterprises  Lowestoft  
1976 Granton registry closed.
1976 Renamed   "CHUDLEIGH" 
1976 Granton registry closed
1976 Registered at Lowestoft LT 231
1986 Converted to an  ORSV  (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel)
1993 Sold to Dutch Owners in Ijmuiden and used as  Charter  Vessel,
1993 Lowestoft registry closed.
2007 Based in  Ijmuiden Holland.
2008 Converted to House boat later moved to Meppel.

In Ijmuiden
(note Portside accomodation extended to front of wheelhouse)

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In Lerwick
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives
In Ayr harbour
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