Hawk LH

Built 1882        A. G. Gifford & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh        (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New Scottish Steam Fishing & Shipping Co Ltd, Edinburgh
ID no 84940
Launch Date 07.04.1882
Completed 1882
Gross Tons 83
Nett Tons 24
Engine 25 hp  C.2-cyl  by Walker Henderson & Co, Glasgow
Length 87.2ft
Breadth 18.1ft
Depth 9.5ft
1882 Registered at Leith LH?
19.09.1882 Towed back to Leith by tug "Royal Albert" of Newcastle after her cylinder cover was blown off in an explosion while fishing near the May Island Firth of Forth, no other damage was done and no one was injured.
03.10.1882 Towed disabled by the S. T. "Douglas" GN 14 into Granton harbour.
02.03.1883 Ran ashore during dense fog on May Island Firth of Forth. Refloated, returned to Granton and placed on the slip to have several planks on port side repaired.
17.06.1885 Advertised for sale by private bargain in the Scotsman
1885 Scottish Steam Fishing & Shipping Co Ltd, Edinburgh dissolved.
1885 Owned by Mercader & Higos, San Sebastian, Spain
08.1885 Sheathed in yellow metal.
22.09.1885 Sailed Leith for San Sebastian Spain in company with "Falcon" & "Kestrel".
1885 Leith registry closed.
1885 Registered at San Sebastian
  Reputed to be the first purpose built steam trawler for Scotland