Integrity SN

Built 1870    Richard  Stobbs Ltd, Coble Dene  North  Shields   (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New George Chisholm, North Shields (owner/manager)
ID no 60547
Launch Date 1870
Completed 1870
Gross Tons 80
Nett Tons 6
Engine 30 hp Side Lever L.1-cyl by T. R. Scott & Sons Ltd, North Shields
Length 85.2ft
Breadth 17.6ft
Depth 9.2ft
1870 Registered at North Shields.
1872 Owned by James Dykes, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager)
1874 Owned by John Dent Jnr, Blyth Northumberland (owner/manager)
07.10.1879 Sank after collision with  S.S. "John Stirling" (427g/1876)one mile outside Granton Harbour in dense fog. Skipper Thomas Combe & five crewmen rescued and taken to Burntisland, vessel sank in five minutes (insured for 2000).
10.10.1879 Operations to raise sunken vessel begin. (700)
28.10.1879 Raised and salvaged by William Gunn & Co Ltd  Granton Edinburgh, vessel in good condition excepting a 6ft gash on the port bow. Vessel towed to Granton for repair
Post1880 Owned by George Stafford & Others, Leith  Edinburgh  (owner/manager) (1600)
Pre1882 Owned by George Wharrier North Shields (owner/manager) .
1894 Owned by Matthew D. Wharrier, North Shields (owner/manager)
1898 Owned by George F. Precious, Hull (owner/manager).
1898 North Shields registry closed.
1898 Registered at Hull.
08.07.1898 Awarded 400 salvage monies by the Admiralty High Court for services rendered to the S.S. "Achilles" after she had been rammed while at anchor in the Humber on 21st May, Steam tug "Presto" of Hull awarded 800.
1898 Hull registry closed.