As HMT "Nadine"

  Reproduced under IWM Non-Commercial Licence

Inverdee  GW 27

Built 1919  George Brown & Co Ltd, Greenock as "John Gregory"  (Steel)
Yard No 114
Owner at New Admiralty   (Ad.No.3789)
ID no 141901
Launch Date 14.02.1919
Completed 02.05.1919 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 280
Nett Tons 113
Engine 87 hp T.3-cyl by McKie & Baxter Ltd, Govan
Length 125.6ft
Breadth 23.5ft
Depth 12.7ft


05.1919 Sold to the Mercantile. 
05.1919 Owned by John Stewart  Boyle, Glasgow (owner/manager).
05.1919 Renamed "INVERDEE"
05.1919 Registered at Glasgow GW 27.
06.1919 Owned by Andrew Hardie, Aberdeen ((Horace Edward Stroud, manager)
06.1919 Glasgow registry closed.
30.06.1919 Registered at Aberdeen A.176.
15.12.1919 Owned by Onward Steam Trawlers (Fleetwood) Ltd,  Fleetwood  (William Morley manager).
12.1927 Owned by Soc Anon des Pecheries Du Nord, Ostend Belgium.
17.12.1927 Aberdeen registry closed.
01.1928 Renamed "NADINE".
01.1928 Registered at Ostend  O151.
1931 Owned by The Marquis des Bourdeilles,  Dieppe France  (Charpin Del Pierre managers).
1931 Ostend registry closed.
1931 Registered at Dieppe.
1933 Soc Anon d'Armement Mallet appointed managers )
1939 Requisitioned as the French ( P.No. AD 57)   
03.07.1940 Seized in Falmouth during Operation Grab and transferred to the Admiralty.
12.1940 Commissioned as a minesweeper (P.No.FY.1882)
04.1945 Returned to French Owners
1954 Laid up, Lloyds surveys overdue