As Woods A 330 in Lerwick

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives

James Brodigan GN 4

Built 1918   Hall Russell  & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen   (Steel)
Yard No 646
Owner at New Admiralty    (Ad.No.4419)
ID no 144274
Launch Date 21.11.1918
Completed 13.12.1918 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 203
Nett Tons 78
Engine 74 hp    T.3-cyl by Hall Russell  & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 22f.1t
Depth 12.1ft


30.12.1919 Registered at London LO 210.
1919 Sold to the Mercantile.
1919 Owned by Hull Northern Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Hull (William R. Nowell manager).
02.01.1920 London registry closed.
09.01.1920 Registered at Hull H 142.
1926 Owned by Mrs R. S. Lyle, Newhaven  Edinburgh   (W. Lyle Jnr manager).
1931 Owned by Alexander S. Wilson, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager).
1935 Owned by J. A. Wood & Others,  Aberdeen  (A. F. Wood manager).
16.08.1935 Hull registry closed.
17.08.1935 Registered at Aberdeen A.330.
09.09.1935 Renamed "WOODS".
11.1939 Requisitioned and converted to Auxiliary Patrol Vessel.
31.01.1940 Returned to Owners.
18.03.1940 Owned by Thomas  Davidson, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
06.05.1953 Owned by Looker Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Alexander Aitken Davidson manager).
29.01.1959 Owned by George Wood (Aberdeen) Ltd, Aberdeen (George Wood manager).
1960 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co
28.02.1960 Scrapped by James A. White at St David's on Forth
02.06.1961 Aberdeen registry closed.